American roulette at Casino Odense

Casino Odense offers four American roulette tables, where our guests can try out their luck and go for the big prize.

The popular "small wheel"

The word "Roulette" is French and means "small wheel". The original roulette game is also known as French roulette which literally rolled into the European gaming scene in the 1800s. Today almost all French roulette tables has been replaced with a European version of American roulette.

In American roulette, as it is played in Europe and Casino Odense, there are 37 numbers distributed on the numbers 0 through 36. The numbers are placed in an illogical mathematical sequence which, however, are the same across Europe.

0 is green and the other numbers are half red and half black.

Bets are placed on the table's green felt in the selected focus areas. The repayment varies from 1: 1 to 35: 1, depending on how many numbers the bet covers.

All roulette wheels are controlled and approved by a nationally recognized testing company.

Touchbet roulette

Touchbet roulette, is a group of unique gaming terminals connected to a "real" American roulette table.

Guests at touchbet roulette therefore awaites the same excitement as the guests at the roulette table, when the croupier spinns the ball.

The wheel can be constantly monitored on a screen placed at the terminals.

Touchbet roulette follows the same rules as a regular american roulette table.

Casino Odense has eight touchbet roulette terminals.