Blackjack at Casino Odense

At Casino Odense our guests can test their skills on our three blackjack tables.

Blackjack rules

All players are dealt two cards (called: a hand) and bank one card. Then the players, in turn, to make one or more of the following selections:

Stand - the player chooses to continue the game with the first two dealt cards without taking any further action.

Take cards - the player chooses to try to improve his hand by taking an additional card.

Split - if the player has two cards of the same value he/she may choose to share the two cards into two separate hands. This is done by betting corresponding original stake extra. Then the player gets a new second card and can again make a choice.

Double - if the player's first two cards give 9, 10 or 11 merged, the player can choose to double his bet. If this is done he/she can only received one more card.

More blackjack rules

Once all players have had the opportunity to make their choice, the dealer draws cards to the bank.
This is done according to established rules: If the bank has 16 or below there will be drawn another card. If the bank has 17 or more, the bank will stand - no more cards.

Winners are paid,  the losing bets are removed and any blackjack combinations (consisting of ace and 10 or ace and face card as the first two cards) paid 3:2nd
For hands with the same total as the bank's hand, is pushed back to the player.

Perfect Pair


Place from 10 dkk. and up to 500 dkk. (along with blackjack bet) in the box in front of you and win up to 24 times your bet.

If your, in the first two cards, receive are a pair, you win!

All bets must be placed before the first cards are dealt, and you can only place one bet in the Perfect Pair box for each blackjack bet.

Super Seven


On all our blackjack tables, there are possibilities for additional excitement. If you place 10 dkk. on the Super Seven field, you have the opportunity to win up to 50,000 dkk.

If the first card you receive is a seven, you win! - and the more sevens you receive, the more money you win.
If your first three cards are three sevens of a kind , then you have won the big prize.