Casino Denmark Jackpot


Minimal deposit - big pay outs

For only 1 dkk you can get the chance to win at least 2 million dkk in the nationwide Casino Denmark Jackpot. The rules are simple: put 1 dkk into the machine and press the button. Now you are in the game of the millions - and you get your answer immediatly.

A percentage of all the bets will be put into the nationwide pool that grows constantly. It will never get below 2 million dkk, no matter if the jackpot has just been paid out. 

follow the pool og the jackpot

You can follow the size of the pool while you are playing. Or you can follow the changes at to see how long you dare to wait before trying your luck. 

In Casino Denmark Jackpot, 93 out of 100 dkk pays out. It is twice as much as ex. Lotto. In the danish casinos everyone above the age og 18 is aloud to enter - and you don't have to look like a moviestar at a gallapremier. Most of our guests are spouses, friends, cardclubs, associations or companies that would like to combine a delcious dinner with a fun evening in good company.