Generel information

Here you will find some general information about Casino Odense.

The company


Casino Odense was, in October 1990, issued a license by the Ministry of Justice, and opened on  Hans Christian Andersen's birthday April 2, 1991.

Casino Odense, which has about 30 dedicated employees, is 100 percent owned by Casinos Austria International GmbH, Austria.

Casino Odense, is located in the old part of Odense, Radisson Blu H. C. Andersen Hotel has an area of over 500m2 on several levels.


Casino Odense has a Facebook page "Casino Odense" with the aim of providing active information to our guests about the different activities in the casino and a number of services specifically designed for Facebook users.

Besides the purely informative, we will also run a series of contests on our Facebook page, and will try to give you a much better experience of the casino.