Jackpot Club

At Casino Odense our guests can use over 40 different slot machines where the stakes can be varied between 1 dkk. and up to 200 dkk. per. game.
That way there is something for everyone and every budget.

Large repayment rate


All Casino Odense machines is regularly checked  and approved by the authorities to control that the guaranteed minimum repayment is obtained.

According to Danish law, a slot machine should pay at least 80% back - At Casino Odense the slot machines pays around 93% back to the customers.

It is among the highest repayments in Denmark and much greater than for example Lotto.



New slot machines


The classic slot machine typically had 3 reels with different symbols (horseshoes, bells, etc.) and the game was activated with a pull in an "arm". It was invented in the United States in the late 1800s.

Machines with fruit symbols appeared in early 1900s and the machines paid not only in cash money - but also in chewing gum.

A lot has happened since the first slot machines was invented.

The modern slot machines available at Casino Odense has a screen with virtual reels and buttons where you can decide how much you want to bet on how many lines, before you start the game, by clicking a button.

No coins

Coins will soon be a part of history.

All the slot machines at Casino Odense accepts cash and all major payments is being made by the casino staff who also will be helpful with any questions.

In the slot department, we have continuously changed the machines so that they all give you the best gaming experience.
We have a really nice slot department, which we think you should see.