Poker ranking list



The ranking is now completed and we ended up sending four man away, and handsome cash prizes to 3-5 in the league table finals.

So now is the time that we start a new up.

Kings Casino Leaderboard

This time we head to Kings Casino in the Czech Republic. The packages are expected to have a value of about 15,000, -

Leaderboard runs from 31 / 8-16 and 31 / 8-17

Since everything is not yet in place specifications are subject to change.

More info will come here on the site as soon as possible.


Ranking points

sqrt (prize) + 10 + (10 points by early registration)

In practice, the calculated formula thus becomes:


1st place triggers a prize of 4,000 kr

Therefore, you receive: square root (4000) +10+ (10) = 63.25 + 10 + (10) = 73.25p (83,25p Early registration)